Benefits of Adding a Sump to Your Saltwater Aquarium

Keeping and maintaining an aquarium is a popular habit. People love to keep beautifully designed aquariums with colourful fishes in them. However, keeping pets of any kind is an important responsibility. Also, aquariums need a lot of attention to maintain them. it is important to clean the aquarium regularly and there are other aspects that are needed to be cared for.

Maintaining an aquarium requires investment in additional equipment. This equipment usually consists of a quality aquarium heater, protein skimmer, filter and much other useful equipment. It might get a bit annoying in the long run given how much time and investment it takes to maintain a proper aquarium. However, the key to keeping a healthy fish is to provide them with a clean and healthy environment. It might seem like an extra investment but some of the aquarium equipment will prove to be very beneficial. One of such equipment is the sump.

Defining the Sump

A sump has a very simple description. It is just an extra container which can hold aquarium equipment, can be used to filter media and extra water. This means that you can use one sump to get rid of a filter, heater and protein skimmer. The sump added to your saltwater aquarium will do the work of three extra equipment.

Benefits of a Sump in a Saltwater Aquarium

Following are few benefits which are why many aquarium owners consider adding a sump to their saltwater tanks.

Easy Storage and Access

A sump doesn’t need an extra or special place to be installed. You can simply place a sump in the aquarium cabinet under the tank. This way you can easily access all the aquarium equipment without going through a complicated process of opening the tank hood and adjusting your light fixtures.

Extra Space for Speciality Filter

Traditional filters come with a limited space for filter media. Using a sump will give you the advantage of having extra space for holding filter media and you can easily add more for better saltwater aquarium filtration.

Biological Filtration

A sump is a beneficial option if you want to cultivate bacteria for biological filtration.

Space for Extra Water

This is perhaps the best benefit obtained from adding a sump to your saltwater tank. A sump can work as a backup water overflow system for your aquarium. This is a system that is needed in case of power failure. Using a sump you can easily top off the tank and you don’t need to add supplements directly into the tank.

Maintaining the PH

Many people keep a refugium with their main tank. In such a case, you use a sump  for lighting while the lights in the main tank stay off. This allows the photosynthesis process to continue in the sump even when it stops in the main tank. This process maintains the CO2 levels that affect the PH when the main lights are off.

In the beginning, it might take a time to set up a proper sump but for the long run, it will save you a lot of time.