meets Aquarium I.D app

People who love to maintain aquariums and have the hobby of keeping reefs and fish must be familiar with the reef community known as and the popular application Aquarium I.D.

The application Aquarium I.D. is easily available for users to download at both Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Recently, both services have joined forces which have resulted in wonders for them and the users. Since the collaboration, users can access all the features of the Reef2Reef forum from within the Aquarium I.D. application. Therefore, users can now access a two in one feature simply from their smartphones.

Aquarium I.D.

Aquarium I.D. is an application that provides a thorough guide for saltwater aquariums. Following are some of the features of this wonderful ad amazing application.

Aquarium Fundamentals

The application is very useful who are new to the hobby of maintaining an aquarium. It provides a step by step guide aided with how to videos.


The application helps aquarium owners identify different saltwater fish and corals quickly. This is also a great feature for users who don’t have prior knowledge of keeping a saltwater aquarium.

Local Fish Store

It provides an easy access to search out your nearest local fish store. It will give you complete information about the address, contact number and website URLs.


The Aquarium I.D. is compatible with both android and iPhone devices. It is compatible with iPhone 4, 5and 6. Therefore, users can easily access information even on the go.

How Feature in Aquarium I.D has been Advantageous?

As mentioned earlier, Reef2Reef is a great community forum where aquarium and saltwater species lovers can come together and share amazing ideas. The community is accessible to people from around the world and is a great and easy way to share new ideas, news and information. Aquarium I.D. has recently collaborated with the forum to bring the community feature into their application. This is a great update for existing users. Users can now easily read form entries right from within the application. It is also a great opportunity for the Reef2Reef community as it will have more exposure than before. The forum users will have more audience as it gets discovered by plenty more people through the Aquarium I.D. application.

Aquarium I.D is a very useful application as it has improved the knowledge of many aquarium keepers. Aquarium keeping is not an easy task. It takes a lot of investment and the right equipment to keep a proper and well-maintained aquarium. The collective features of Aquarium I.D and Reef2 Reef will be beneficial for better knowledge and information. The community feature available through a single platform will help people communicate and share ideas easily. It also helps to know people with similar hobbies and interests. Aquarium I.D has already seen a great response from its users and many users believe that the application provides a great value that is worth its price. The extra feature of the community will only make it more popular.