Starting up a new aquarium means you’ll have to wait for the nitrogen cycling process which will take about thirty to forty five days from the beginning to the end. After the cycling process, you might add your fishes and they start experiencing NTS (New Tank Syndrome) due to the fact that there are no nitrifying bacteria in the water used for the aquarium. You might also experience ammonia and nitrite toxicity in your aquarium and I guess you already know what this will do to your fishes.

To improve all of these, you need bacteria in your saltwater aquarium when you are about to start a new cycle. Remember that it takes up to thirty to forty five days if you are going to go through the natural process of getting the bacteria needed for your saltwater aquarium. To speed up this process in a faster and easier way, you need bacterial additives; this is where Dr. Tim’s One and Only comes in.

With Doctor Tim’s One and Only you get the best out of an improved bacterial additive. Consisting of species of nitrite and ammonia oxidizing bacteria that loves living in aquarium environments, the One and Only is a sure must have for you if you are setting up a new aquarium, or after you have made your water changes and disease treatment.

One thing that makes this bacteria additive wonderful is the boost it gives to your cycling process. Instead of the thirty to forty five days cycle, adding the One and Only to your saltwater aquarium will give you a nitrogen cycle of just five (5) days and you can add your fishes in your aquarium since the One and Only also creates a purposeful biological filter in your saltwater aquarium faster than an aquarium that hasn’t been dosed. The One and Only also has the ability to help you keep the nitrite and ammonia below the stage where they become very concentrated and toxic to your fishes.

The One and Only is also very easy to use. You don’t need to be scared of overdosing your aquarium, you can use a full bottle to treat your aquarium and you are not going to experience any negative effect. Before adding the One and Only to your aquarium, make sure the water has been de-chlorinated and you must also make sure it’s in the right temperature. After this has been done, start the filter and add the One and Only; make sure the filter is working properly before adding the additive. After twenty four hours of adding the additive, you can bring your fishes into the aquarium.

Please note that there are some new aquarium basic rules that will still apply, but be rest assured that the One and Only will decrease the cycle time of your aquarium and it will be done dramatically. After you have applied the first dose, you’ll have the ability of adding one medium sized fish per gallon safely to the aquarium. There might be a chance of you noticing a little nitrite or ammonia for probably a day or two but don’t worry about this as it will disappear with the speed of light. Once the trace of ammonia or nitrite has fully disappeared, you can add more fishes to the aquarium.

Another cool feature about this bacteria additive is the storage method. You can keep it refrigerated for it to have a longer life. You also get to choose from three different formulas;

The NaH2O-Pure: This is for saltwater aquariums
The H2O-Pure: This one is for freshwater aquariums
Reef-Pure: This one is for reef nano and seahorse aquariums.

You can use 2oz of the One and Only to treat up to 30 gallons.