In order for you to get the best experience out of your saltwater aquarium you need to ensure that you install the right aquarium light inside the box. Saltwater fish are used to receiving small amounts of filtrated sunlight that seeps through the water in which they live. Without this source of light, they can never fully grow to the size and maturity that they are supposed to. The right lighting is also important for underwater vegetation in order to completely grow and it influences the behavior of the fish in general. There are different lights for different uses and it is vital that you invest in the right one.


The Light Emitting Diode, or the LED as it is more commonly known, is a newcomer on the aquatic scene, but it has gained popularity over the years. The reason why this is such a favorable source of light is because it emits the same amount of light and it doesn’t use as much energy as a normal light would. This type of light is perfect if your saltwater aquarium, especially if you take a look at the PAR references of the LED light. This PAR value will determine how strong the LED globe will be so that your underwater life can grow at a desirable rate.

Metal halides

The metal halide functions as a high intensity discharge system and comprises of a glass bulb with a series of connecting wires inside. This is a globe that is also quite popular amongst marine hobbyists, especially those who make use of reef aquariums. The inhabitants of such an aquarium are those who use a lot of light. It is also perfect for larger aquariums with a depth of more than 24 inches so that the light reaches the entire box.

Normal output fluorescent lighting

These are the most versatile group of light fixtures to be added to your saltwater aquarium and they are the easiest to operate and maintain. There is a wide selection of bulbs available to customize your aquarium lighting and the temperatures for both saltwater and freshwater systems. It is important that you do the right type of research in order to select the best fluorescent light for your system. You can choose between a selection of actinic white bulbs, colour enhancing bulbs, full spectrum or daylight bulbs, plant bulbs, or high-intensity bulbs, each serving its own individual purpose.

Compact fluorescents

A single compact fluorescent light does the work of two standard fluorescent fixtures, which make them ideal for smaller or more compact aquariums. They are self-contained systems and are no more difficult to operate than its standard version. It also includes all the benefits of a standard fluorescent lighting system like low costs for operation, low power usage, and low heat emissions. They are also available in a wide range of color temperatures that can be used for both freshwater and saltwater.