Starting up a new aquarium means you’ll have to wait for the nitrogen cycling process which will take about thirty to forty five days from the beginning to the end. After the cycling process, you might add your fishes and they start experiencing NTS (New Tank Syndrome) due to the fact that there are no […]

Corals 101- An Essential Guide

People who are looking to add soft corals in their saltwater tanks have to keep a few things in mind. There are certain essentials of these animals that you have to know. These include which species are better and which are better for your budget and tank. Known as internal soft skeletons, soft corals sort […]


In order for you to get the best experience out of your saltwater aquarium you need to ensure that you install the right aquarium light inside the box. Saltwater fish are used to receiving small amounts of filtrated sunlight that seeps through the water in which they live. Without this source of light, they can […]

Benefits of having a protein skimmer for your saltwater aquarium

Healthy, clean air is important to every animal on Earth, the same goes for clean water for marine animals.  If you own an aquarium full of fish, you need to constantly filter and treat the water to keep foreign contaminates and toxic compounds from polluting their habitat and getting into their lungs.  Nitrogen is a […]

Why You Must Have an RO/DI System If You Own a Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater aquariums are some of the most beautiful and elegant aquariums known to man. They are useful in keeping exotic fish healthy and swimming peacefully, and also add an element of class to any home. If you are considering purchasing a saltwater fish tank, and want to acquire many different saltwater fish, there are some […]

#1 Cause of the Death of Dragonets

It is hard to confuse the Mandarin Dragonet with any other type of fish as it has the most attractive pattern and coloration of any other fish kept in a reef. The fish body, which is scale-less comes in a green or blue color and has orange wavy lines across its body, as well as […]

Benefits of Adding a Sump to Your Saltwater Aquarium

Keeping and maintaining an aquarium is a popular habit. People love to keep beautifully designed aquariums with colourful fishes in them. However, keeping pets of any kind is an important responsibility. Also, aquariums need a lot of attention to maintain them. it is important to clean the aquarium regularly and there are other aspects that […]
MORE meets Aquarium I.D app

People who love to maintain aquariums and have the hobby of keeping reefs and fish must be familiar with the reef community known as and the popular application Aquarium I.D. The application Aquarium I.D. is easily available for users to download at both Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Recently, both services have […]

Tips and Tricks to Setting up A Saltwater Aquarium

So you want to set up a saltwater fish tank? Congratulations. The good news is that getting it done doesn’t require one to have extensive fish water experience. However, having a little understanding goes a long way. Discussed below are a few things you need to consider before setting up a saltwater aquarium. Tank size […]

What is Aiptasia?

Aiptasia are a member of phylum Cnidaria and is a translucent brown in color.  The nematocysts of Aiptasia have a potent toxin which can harm corals and humans.  They can also reproduce quickly and over run an aquarium.  Aiptasia normally come from either hitch hiking on live rocks or on the base of the corals. […]
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